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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

How much do you charge per square foot?

Building professionals do not price homes according to square footage because the construction cost of a house does not vary directly according to square footage. Some areas of a home cost more than others, for example, enlarging a kitchen will cost more than enlarging a bedroom because kitchens cost more per square foot than a bedroom.

When the design is finalized, a detailed material and component file is compiled and the price of your home is accurately calculated – this will be set out clearly in your contract.

What financing options are available?

Buyers are encouraged to arrange their own financing. However, if the need arises (for example, if you have not already sold your house or your lender is reluctant to provide bridge financing), we can work with you to find an appropriate financing solution tailored to your situation, for qualified buyers.


For qualified contractors, Builder’s Terms are available.

Will I be allowed to choose my own style of cabinets, fixtures, colors, etc. for the house?

Yes. We have a professional consultant who will walk you through this process and provide you with any advice you need to choose these materials from our wide range of suppliers.

Are there any developers' covenants and building restrictions?

- The Buyer shall, within 39 months following the closing, commence construction of a single-family residence having a minimum of 1,500 square feet (excluding garage and basement) of living space, such construction to have proceeded to at least 50% of the finished house by the time of the expiration of the said 39 months.
- No dwelling shall be constructed without having fifty (50%) percent of the front elevation being constructed of brick, stone, or stucco and vertical siding or shakes on the remainder of the front and on dormers.
- No dwelling shall be constructed without a poured concrete foundation.

Do you construct septic systems?

Depending on the size your house, we can offer a bundle package that includes the land, well and septic system's construction.

Is HST included in the price?

HST is an additional cost to the listed price.

How many units can be built in the same lot?

Following the change made by the Province of Ontario to the Planning Act, through Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, up to three residential units are permitted “as of right” on most land zoned for one home in residential areas without needing a municipal by-law amendment. Depending on the property in question, these three units could all be within the existing residential structure or could take the form of a residence with an in-law or basement suite and a laneway or garden home. These new units must be compliant with the building code and municipal by-laws. These units would also be exempt from development charges and parkland dedication fees. Learn more

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